December 9, 2015    Angie Song, MD  "Hottest New Rejuvenating Techniques" Facial plastic surgeon Angie Song, MD. will discuss a variety of cosmetic and facial plastics procedures.  This will include surgical procedures such as a facelift or eyelid rejuvenation. She will also discuss the most popular nonsurgical options including Botox, dermal fills and chemical peels.  Dr. Song will do a live demonstration of a cosmetic dermal filler procedure showing the before and after difference. Dermal fillers are used to reverse the effects of aging by reducing or eliminating wrinkles and replacing soft-tissue loss. The dermal filler is injected in the dermal layer under the surface of the skin to restore a natural more youthful look.  It can last between 9-12 months depending on the type of filler used.


Last Guild monthly meeting December 9, 2015

Dear Colleagues,

It's been said that the only thing that is certain in this life is Change.

For us, the Guild Board, change has indeed come: Swedish Hospital, where we've held our monthly meetings for over 12 years in Glaser Auditorium, plans on extensive renovations in 2016. These will severely limit the number of available meeting rooms, which in turn pressures Glaser to accommodate far more rental groups than usual.  Preference is being given to the Swedish in-house groups... and as a consequence, "outside" groups must seek other venues to rent. The Guild is just such a group.

We learned of these changes just a few weeks ago. As you can imagine, they've prompted reflection and review, the consideration of options and, most particularly, how we see the Guild's future.

Our mission has always been continuing generic education and networking for Aestheticians, along with contributions to rule making at DOL workshops, and active work and support for legislation which benefits our profession. These vital missions remain ongoing, and are ones we are yet committed to.

We also understand that since our beginnings in 1995, many more opportunities for education have opened for Aestheticians.  Over the last decade and longer, conferences, online seminars and education, online and hard copy magazines have proliferated; these provide real and convenient options for all.

Which begs the question: are monthly meetings for educational seminars still a viable choice? A needed service to the community? Candidly, we don't have a solid or definitive answer to those questions. But because other meeting venues aren't realistic for us, primarily due to costs, the way forward is clear: this December will be the last Guild monthly meeting.

For 2016 we are considering sponsoring two to four Sunday educational events, with guest speakers and demonstrations; discussions with Swedish are ongoing, as we explore possibilities. The website will keep you abreast of events and activities; we'd also welcome any comments and questions.

Thank you each and all for your support over these many years. It has been an honor and a pleasure.

Kind Regards,

Anne Martin,
Founder/ Chair, NW Aestheticians' Guild
CIDESCO Diplomate, Master Aesthetician, Licensed Aesthetic Instructor

Jennifer Errigo

CIDESCO, Master Esthetician, Licensed Esthetic Instructor

Katherine Morgason

Master Esthetician, Licensed Esthetic Instructor

Melissa Siedlicki

CIDESCO, Master Esthetician, Licensed Esthetic Instructor

Karlee Sorenson

Master Esthetician, Licensed Esthetic Instructor